Garden Design Society Fellow
- Diploma in Amenity Horticulture 
- Bachelor of Arts

Trish has worked on various projects over the years, has a strong sense of design, innovative use of materials and structural planting with distinctive contrasting combinations. Her landscapes have a strong relationship with building architecture. She is keen to stretch the boundaries and take clients outside their comfort zones. Her gardens display a New Zealand identity although not consciously intended.

‘... Trish Bartleet is the most original and confident designer here in Auckland...’ Design comes naturally to her and she has turned some depressingly difficult areas into highly attractive outdoor living spaces. – Rose Thodey.

Can you tell me a bit about your business and how long you've been going it alone?

I operate a landscape design business providing landscape plans for small- and large-scale residential and commercial properties. My work comes from word of mouth and I work with architects, interior designers and landscape contractors who personally recommend me to their clients... Read more.